What is included in the price? 

Directly under the room name there is a list of what is here is a list of what is and what is not included in the price. Availability of all additional services not included in this list (eg, the Internet, transfer, etc.) and special requests should be discussed with the customer care center of GOTOSILKROAD.COM during the booking process.

Can I make reservation without payment for the accomodation?

Payment for the accomodation is required to guarantee reservation. In case the payment is not made within a specified period UZBOOKING.COM does not guarantee a "hard booking".

How do I know if my booking is confirmed? 

After selecting the hotel and other services provided by GOTOSILKROAD.COM, indicating the dates of the stay, room type and other required details, you agree with these prices, and start the booking process.

After clicking "BOOK NOW" button, you instantly get a letter to indicated e-mail with request to confirm the data you entered. 

After confirmation you will receive the email within 24 hours containing confirmation of your reservation. Your booking will be considered as "soft booking" till the receipt oft booking" UZBOOKING.COM guarantees booking only till the moment of making prepayment specified when booking. If you proceed with payment in a due time, your booking becomes “solid booking” and GOTOSILKROAD.COM guarantees room for booked period.

Can I cancel or change my reservation through GOTOSILKROAD.COM? 

Yes, it's easy. You can cancel or modify your booking via the link indicated in the letter of confirmation or by sending an email to info@uzbooking.com.

Please do not forget to check with the hotel's cancellation policy before you make changes to your booking. 

For reservations with a non-refundable fee and other special bookings different cancellation policies or reservation change can be applied. 

Specific information on the cancellation of reservation is listed next to the room type in the column "Conditions".

Where to find the telephone number and / or e-mail the hotel? 

All contact details of the hotel including telephone number and e-mail address are specified in the voucher that will be sent to your e-mail after getting the payment.

How do I know the cost of accommodation in the hotel room?

After selecting the hotel, the dates of your stay and number of required rooms, click on "BOOK NOW" to see the total cost of accomodation.

We travel with children. Are there any extra beds / cots in the room? 

The information on accommodating children at the hotel and the provision of extra beds / cots can be found in "Hotel Policies". Please note the following:

Additional fee for the accommodation of children (if such fee is charged by the hotel) is not included in the price of your booking.

During reservation please make notes in "Comments" field if you need extra beds / cots.

If you have already booked a room, you can send an email to customer.service@uzbooking.com to request additional beds.

You may also contact the hotel by the telephone prior to your arrival in order to guarantee the fulfillment of your request.

You will find the contact details of the hotel in the email confirmation. 

What is a “soft booking”?

“Soft booking” guarantees the availability of room from the moment of your confirmation only until the payment is done according to hotel policy. If payment is not arranged in a due time, we will be obliged to cancel your booking. If you proceed with payment in a due time, your booking becomes “solid” and GOTOSILKROAD.COM guarantees room for booked period.

Can I make a booking from the website if I am arriving the next day?

Our system does not accept bookings made for the next two days. If you are willing to book a hotel for the next two days, please send us a request to info@uzbooking.com. 

Can I pay upon arrival?

No. The price indicated during the booking process is valid only on condition that the advanced payment is made until the specified period. 

Can I receive a hotel voucher before the payment?

No, voucher is issued only after advanced payment.

Can I apply for the visa with the duration of stay that exceeds the nights of stay in the hotel?

No, the visa support will be provided only for the period of your stay in Uzbekistan according to your hotel booking or tour reservation.

Can I change the date of my booking?

Yes. In this case you will have to cancel your previous booking in due time and start the booking process again.

When GOTOSILKROAD.COM will send you an email?

(1) After making reservation you will receive an email containing all details of your booking requesting you to confirm.

(2) After your confirmation of details you will receive an email stating that within 24 hours we will confirm your booking.

(3) Within 24 hours we will send you an email with the confirmation of your booking after our verification with the service provider (hotel, transportation agencies etc.).

(4) After your payment arrangements, you will receive a voucher, which you should present to the service provider (hotel reception at the check-in or uzbooking.com representative at start of the tour).

(5) One day before the cancellation period if the payment has not been made, you will receive an email reminding you about the payment conditions.

(6) If you have not arranged the payment in due time, we will send you an email with notification about the cancellation of booked services.