Hotel Légende

48/62 Mirzo Ulugbek Street, Samarkand 703054, Uzbekistan.
Hotel in Samarkand "Legende" is located in the central part of the Old Town, where once local Jews lived compactly. The house, in which the hotel is located, is almost two years old and it belongs to the golden architectural heritage of Samarkand. The building is also interesting with classical style and for its construction there were used eco-friendly materials: clay, straw, reed, wood and burnt brick.
These are general hotel policies for Hotel Légende.
Check in time 14:00
Check out time 12:00
Cancellation policy The booking can be cancelled 48 hours before the check-in date without any penalty if payment has been arranged. If the booking is cancelled later, the cost of the first night will be charged. In case of "no-show" total price of booking will be charged
Payment terms The prepayment for the whole period of stay should be made 5 days before check-in date. In case of non-payment until the due date the booking will be cancelled automati cally.
Hotel accepted
laundry Laundry
satellitetv Satellite Tv
room_conditioning Room Conditioning
restaurant Restaurant
wi_fi Wi-fi
breakfast_included Breakfast included

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