High-speed train Afrosiyob

By - High-speed train Afrosiyob

High-speed train Afrosiyob

Calendar of events in Uzbekistan: January-December

By - Calendar of events in Uzbekistan: January-December

Have you already chosen the time of your trip or are you just planning to visit sunny Uzbekistan? Or maybe our calendar will help you decide on the exact date?

Places for pilgrimage and sacred places of Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan has always been and remains one of the most important countries in the Muslim world. The life of many prominent theologians and religious figures passed here, in such cultural centers as Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva, and the invaluable heritage left by them had a significant influence on the formation of modern Islam and strengthened for centuries the faith of parishioners. Many Muslims make pilgrimages to Uzbekistan every year to pay tribute to their memory, touch the graves of saints and ask for their intercession and assistance in everyday affairs.

Memo for a tourist in Uzbekistan: behaving like "your own"

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Have you decided to book a tour to Uzbekistan? The local people are always very happy! Read this short article to feel more comfortable in their society and not offend anyone by their behavior.