Dear Ms. Nilufar, Thanks a lot for your help, really appreciated it. I will let you know if I have any questions, but for now I think I have control of everything. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and will surely recommend you to others, that are planning to visiting Uzbekistan. Regards Peter
Peter Lindholm-Bekker (HR Services-HR Consultant) 25/05/2013 | 2018-02-08 19:11:01
Дорогая Нилуфар! Спасибо Вам за помощь в организации поездки по Узбекистану, уверена все было на очень высоком профессиональном уровне. Узбекское гостеприимство никого не оставляет равнодушным + кухня + фрукты, ну и конечно сказочные предметы старины. Спасибо! И до следующих встреч! Евгения
Евгения (severstalresurs.ru) 12/04/2013 | 2018-02-08 19:10:25
Dear Miramax team. I am writing to say thank you for the excellent arrangements that Miramax Travel Management made for our pupil's day out in Samarkand. As far as we are concerned, we are unable to make any adverse comments what so ever about your company's planning, train ticket booking, bus travel whilst in Samarkand, tour guide and of course the wonderful meal which we all enjoyed at a first class restaurant. I can only describe the entire day as one of those days, that teachers organizing school trips, can only in dream about in most cases. Nothing went wrong and every turned out to be above our highest expectations. Once we'd arrived in Samarkand and began to visit the various sites of interest, it was noticed how carefully you checked that all of our pupels had returned to the bus before it departed from one historic site to the next. Clearly your previously mentioned careful arrangements and checking displayed all that was good in the vital areas of customer care and satisfaction. Evidence of the succes of the visit, as far as our pupils were concerned, can be seen in the many photographs and favourable comments that they placed on Facebook once they'd returned to Tashkent. Again, thank you for ensuring that we had a perfect day out Sincerely, Bruce Pearce. Head Teacher TUIS Secondary School.
Bruce Pearce (Head Teacher of TUIS Secondary School) 11/03/2013 | 2018-02-08 19:10:00
Dear Miramax Company Team, We had a marvelous time during the business trip to Tashkent. Since we were in hurry and didn’t have any idea how long we will stay, there emerged a problem about availability of the hotels. However, your team has made it is best and we didn’t have any problem. We would like to thank Mr. Anvar, and underline his efforts. He took care of everything, and even drove us to the restaurant where meals and service was excellent. It is very nice when you work with reliable and stable companies like yours! Thank you again and again, please let us know when you will come to Turkey. We would like to meet you here, and show our hospitality as well! It is needless to say that your company will flourish since it has one of the best services and stuff I have ever seen! signature: Akkus Fidancilik Ltd. Team
Akkus Bahadir (Akkus Fidancilik Ltd Turkey) 03/12/2012 | 2018-02-08 19:09:09
Здравствуйте Эркин!!! Спешу сообщить Вам ,что отлично добралась домой !!!Огромное СПАСИБО РЕБЯТАМ АНВАРУ КОХРМАНУ и девочкам НАЙЛЕ Хакимовне и ДИЛЕХАН !!!!Впечатлений и Эмоций положительных вдохновляющих ,ПОЛНЫЙ УЛЕТ!!!! Вообщем спускаюсь на Землю!!!Пусть АЛЛАХ помогает Вам в Вашем труде!!! Привет передавайте и Анвару особенно! Очень порядочный и ответственный сотрудник,на таких можно рассчитывать и полагаться!!!
Дина Кабулбекова (турист из Казахстана) 09/09/2012 | 2018-02-08 19:08:35
Добрый день! Большое спасибо за отличный тур Самарканд-Бухара-Ташкент. Все было организовано профессионально, точно и в полном соответствии с заказом. С удовольствие рекомендую Вашу фирму и , если будет возможность еще раз посетить Узбекистан, воспользуюсь Вашими услугами.
Tatjana Veske (турист из Латвии) 04/07/2012 | 2018-02-08 19:08:02
Уз номимдан ва мехмонларим номидан олий даражада курсатилган хизматларингиз учун катта миннатдорчилик билдирмокчиман! Хамма мехмонларим нихоятда хурсанд ва Узбекистонга такроран келишга тайер. Гидларга ва хайдовчига алохида миннатдорчилик билдиришимни сураб колишди. Хурмат билан, Дилшод
Dilshod Makhsudkhanov (Oracle Europe) 26/06/2012 | 2018-02-08 19:07:27
We would like to thank you for arranging our trip to Samarkand and Bukhara. Everything was of really high quality level. – everything else was basically perfect: guides in Samarkand and Diliya in Bukhara are just excellent guides. Perfect English, both are locals, so they showed their native cities with high personal involvements. • Ilhom is a very good driver, car is also excellent • President hotel in Samarkand is obviously not the best in the world and doubtfully deserves 4 stars … but probably we couldn’t get any better, so is again perfect • Thanks very much for being flexible and having individual approach for tour (wine degustation in Samarkand we like very much) Thank you very much again. We will recommend your agency to everyone who likes our stories of the 2 unbelievably beautiful cities – Samarkand and Bukhara. Have a great day, Alain Blanc and Sam Popov.
Semen Popov (Oracle Europe) 25/06/2012 | 2018-02-08 19:07:00
Selamun Aleykum ! Thank you very much for your mail and for your services. We’ll advice your services to our relatives ! Our trip was almost perfect ; Ozbekistan is a great and magnificent country, Ozbeks are very nice people, drivers and hotels were good. We really appreciate the fact that you ask for news during our stay in Uzbekistan(telephone calls).
AKGUN Ebru (tourist from Turkey) 20/06/2012 | 2018-02-08 19:06:14
Добрый день! Нашему туристу все очень понравилось.Спасибо за обслуживание.Он доволен. Как будут туристы в вашу прекрасную страну, мы обязательно воспользуемся вашими услугами.
Аделя - Тур компания (Татаристан) 07/06/2012 | 2018-02-08 19:04:59