Aydarkul Lake

Aydarkul lake is located among the sands of Kyzylkum desert. How could it appear on such a dry territory? Azure waters of the lake emerged due to accidental natural occasion: waters of Sirdarya and Chardarya reservoir burst its banks in 1969 and filled the desert hollows. The lengths of Aydarkul lake is 250 m.

The nature around the lake inspires with its beauty. Apart from enjoying the speciousness of the desert and mirror-like clear surfaces of the water, you can also have some fishing activities in Aydarkul lake. It is one of the most love holiday spot among Uzbekistanis. During the warm seasons you can relax on the beach and swim in the salty waters of the lake. Aydarkul is the real desert treasure that fascinates tourists with its natural landscapes and wild fauna. Here you can watch over a big number of birds during their transmigration in early spring and autumn. There are also yurt camps near the lake, where you can stay overnight and feel yourself as a nomad in the desert, as well as enjoy the starts by the fire.


Aydarkul Lake

Aydarkul is probably one of the most scenic places in Uzbekistan. This artificial lake was placed on the territory of boundless desert. The lake is 250 meters long and 15 km wid...

Ayrdar yurt camp

The Ayrdar yurt camp is located 7 km away from the west coast of Aydarkul lake. This yurt camp is regarded as the biggest and the most comfortable in Uzbekistan. Back in ancient...